Small Bites: Anvil Pub’s F*ck You Brunch

Small Bites: Anvil Pub’s F*ck You Brunch

Place: Anvil Pub Address: 2638 Elm St  Dallas, TX 75226 Cuisine: Pub Food (it’s a bar people) The Dish: F U Brunch Bloody Mary A while back on EaterDallas there was a piece on Deep Ellum’s Anvil Pub. Specifically it was their F U Brunch cocktail, which is a bloody mary served in a mason jar with skewers of stuff … Continue reading

Snap Judgment: Dont drink this

Celebrating a friends birthday at the peoples last stand, this drink is a catastrophe.  I ususally don’t mind drinks with egg whites,  but with gin? I would classify this as offensive.  Don’t order the Italian Bird, im not even sure that I will be able to stomach finishing this. Here is the drink description.  Le … Continue reading

Movie Review: The Berlin File

I was reading over the past entries on here and it got me thinking, people may think all I do is eat. While technically true, sometimes I do things that do not involve eating. Like Mavericks games, but since I can’t just sit there being all angry at the refs without some nachos and beer … Continue reading

Look What I Made: 2/25 – 3/1

I was thinking of a way to handle the bazillion pictures of food I take a week. This seemed like a good idea as any, also the least amount of effort. Last week I only made three things from scratch, tomatillo salsa, a quick vegetable pasta, and chicken empanadas. Confession time, I can’t remember recipes … Continue reading

Review: Spoon Bar & Kitchen

Review: Spoon Bar & Kitchen

Should you eat at Chef John Tesar’s Spoon Bar & Kitchen? In short, yes. Unless you don’t like seafood. Wait…you don’t like seafood? Leave this post right now! You are probably one of those wackos who don’t like vegetables either aren’t you? Are you gone yet? Well, don’t say I didn’t warn you. Continue reading

National Margarita Day!!

February 22, 2013 was National Margarita Day. It is a hallowed and esteemed day at my house. Celebrated among the company of friends, honoring memories of past margaritas and contemplating the margaritas to come, over glasses of margaritas and some good grub.  Not really, it is just an excuse to drink some half-price margaritas in … Continue reading